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Due to the fact that the climatic equipment works as a rule in difficult conditions, it requires periodic maintenance. If, for example, household appliances can work without problems throughout their entire service life, then climate products should be periodically serviced by an air conditioner by air conditioning specialists. Failure to comply with this condition can lead to improper operation of devices, and even to their failure.

For example, an air conditioner has a complex system of fans, heat exchangers and a drainage system, which must be cleaned regularly, and if this is not done, then in the period of increased load (ie in summer), the probability of breakdown is high. Self-washing the air conditioner and cleaning the air conditioner, as a rule, does not provide proper care, because this is limited to cleaning the filters of the indoor unit and therefore does not guarantee proper operation of the air conditioner. From the company famous for aircon servicing and aircon repair in singapore you will be able to have the perfect option now.

Prevention is cheaper than treatment

Regular maintenance of air conditioners ensures uninterrupted operation and long service life of split systems. In theory, everyone agrees with this, but in practice the situation is completely different. Many owners neglect the service. The deterioration of the climate technology functions is slow, so the owners do not notice these changes until the air conditioner stops. The result is a repair. Depending on the nature of the breakdown, system restoration may exceed half of its cost. With the good at aircon servicing singapore this is the perfect deal.

But it is much cheaper once or twice a year to clean the external and internal blocks, heat exchangers, to make refueling and a number of simple, but effective preventive measures, as well as to perform diagnostics of air conditioning units.

The order of maintenance of air conditioners in our company is a guarantee that the microclimate in your house, apartment or office will always be optimal.

Of course, even the timely maintenance of air conditioners can not guarantee that the climatic equipment does not come to malfunction. It depends not only on the quality of the product itself and its care, but also on the correct installation. However, timely maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of damage.

Signing a contract for the maintenance of air conditioners, you get the following benefits:

  1. Fast departure of the expert for diagnostics of the conditioner and elimination of malfunction.
  2. Significantly shorter terms of departure specialist, for maintenance of air conditioners.
  3. In the case when the equipment is not amenable to repair, in the shortest possible time we will select for you a new equipment.
  4. Individual approach to the formation of the cost of maintenance of air conditioners.

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